Schoolboy error: vs

I’ve been hearing about and tentatively using (infrequently) WordPress for the past eight or so months over at A new job as lead me to start to use the dashboard of wordpress more and more so I’ve started this blog to spend a little more time in a less pressured and directed environment to learn what wordpress can do.

I’ve been playing around this morning and early afternoon and have slowly become more and more frustrated with – the free blogging service. All I ever hear about wordpress is that it is flexible and plugins allow you to do nearly anything with relative ease, even without prior knowledge of coding. So as I progressed to want to play with some plugins I found out that I couldn’t as I wasn’t hosting WordPress on a server. Frustrating but also enlightening.

Thankfully I’ve come across this extremely useful page: via timethief this forum. I’m going to read and re-read this while I continue to play with my blog, despite its limitations. Maybe by the end of this weekend I’ll have hosted on a 3rd party’s server and be learning about how plugins, themes and a little coding works.

Little lesson of today: WordPress forums are amazingly diverse and useful. Get into ’em!


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