London gearing

You’re confident you have the legs, you click smoothly into top gear and go hard.

Just like the self adjudicated bike race home London seems to ask you, ‘Can you up the pace and keep it there?’.

It’s been nye-on three months since I moved to London and it feels like only four weeks. The pace of this place is unrelenting! There is forever something to do, go and see, learn, experience, somewhere new to eat or drink and someone new to meet. Ideas and innovations of all sizes flow over, round and under you as you attempt to grasp onto one to make your own, one to ensure you are adding something to the vibrant intellectual mix.

Add to this the potential pitfalls of an internet enabled phone and love of Twitter and you can easily get a cocktail of lots of work, play and no time to yourself. A recipe for potential success and potential burnout. To help it be the later I’m going to try and follow the below three rules (it’d be grand if you can remind me of them now and again)

  1. Work my hours – leave work on time and don’t bring home stuff to do in the evenings.
  2. Prioritise the hour before bed – give myself time to wind down before sleep, maybe write a list for tomorrow and read a non-work related book.
  3. Attempt to follow my Dad’s sage advice – alternate between soft and alcoholic drinks, the more alcohol you have the less and worse you’ll sleep.
They sound easy when you type them but in my experience they’re hard to do. What would be your three rules?

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