So how did I do? A review of the week

On Monday I wrote my London gearing post which included these three rules:

1. Work my hours – leave work on time and don’t bring home stuff to do in the evenings.
2. Prioritise the hour before bed – give myself time to wind down before sleep, maybe write a list for tomorrow and read a non-work related book.
3. Attempt to follow my Dad’s sage advice – alternate between soft and alcoholic drinks, the more alcohol you have the less and worse you’ll sleep.

So did I manage to follow them, even one of them?

Well, no.

1. While I have been better at work I still have been leaving later than I should and not taking a lunch break. Work to be done there. But the killer has been #nhssm this week. We’ve a huge announcement on Tuesday and working towards that has meant early morning and late evening emails and telephone calls have been standard across the week.

2. The late night emails took care of this rule. I’ll hopefully be better at this next week.

3. Initially I did well at this, but a chance evening out in Square Mile was too much excitement to handle and my sleep suffered for it. It was worth it. Next week I’ll continue with my early week form.

A work most definitely in progress then, but one I think is going to help as the long winter months roll in.

Have you any tips for me?


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