You never know where social media will take you.


You may have seen a few of my, @timolloyd and @colinwren’s tweets this weekend with most of them concerning Cornwall and a visit to Mousehole to see @GemmaAt_CMHCSWS. All in the name of #nhssm.

What started as a tweet chat up in Salford, Greater Manchester had taken me to London to meet Tim and Colin, and now to Cornwall to meet Gemma. Isn’t that incredible?!

We’ve been reminiscing this weekend about how we got to know each other and the amazing ability of Twitter inparticular to bring people together on-, and importantly offline.

Away from corporate goals and organisations engaging online it’s really comforting to remind ourselves that our social network is there to support, motivate and buy a few rounds for us as individuals. It is the incredible flexibility of the social web that has connected us as people and I’m glad this weekend has reminded me of how much that is worth. Whoop #nhssm!


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