The start of a challenge: 73 essays and 73 blogs

Today with a simple tweet I set myself (and a few of you if you want to join in) a challenge to read 73 essays and write a short blog about each one.




The thinktank Reform have collated 73 essays by  all under the broad topic of the next 10 years in the UK. The essays cover:

  • Education
  • Government
  • Growth
  • Health
  • Public services
  • Politics
  • Law and order

I’m not sure of the best way of writing about these essays so I’m going to start with a few bullet points. I’m sure it’ll evolve over the next 72!

Today’s essay was Stephen Dorrell’s entitled ‘Reengineering the care model’. Here are a few things it made me think about…

  1. It is good to remember and celebrate successes be they in work or our personal lives. How can the NHS remind itself of the great improvements it has already achieved and how can individual staff find the time to remember these things?
  2. Every sector has it’s own set of scales but healthcare’s life/death scales are incredibly complex. Here’s a schematic:

The more life that is on the scales, the less death. Good. But more life means more healthcare spending as elderly patients get increasing numbers of co-morbidities. But spending on healthcare can’t increase forever. Complex.

3. Hospitals will close as healthcare moves into specialised centres (see London’s stroke care set up mentioned in the essay). How can the NHS help show the public this will lead to better care and outcomes instead of worse? How would you tell your Mum or Dad that travelling an extra 20 miles to hospital is better for them?

4. I’m very lucky to understand how only some of the NHS works, but only because I work in it. How can we all help people understand the basics better? Like what they can expect when seeking a GP appointment or NHS dentist, what health checks are available and how to feed in comments to the service to improve the system.

One essay down, 72 to go…!


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