#HSJTwitchat: A few thoughts

Unfortunately a meeting today will stop me from joining in the oddly but hopefully not ironically hashtagged #HSJtwitchat. So here are a few things reading the Cogitamus report made me think about.

Section four (thought leadership) is absolutely key

I don’t think this can be overstated. In my three years in the NHS nothing, other than the statutory reforms, has lead to change not matter how big or small without leaders championing the cause. Having a range of individuals who can lead the discussion, provide viewpoints, evidence and counterpoints to detractors enables the rest of staff to see the need for change and start to work towards it.

Who ‘owns’ social media

This question breaks down into control of what is said and control of publishing.


Communications teams role is to be the hub of expertise on how these things work, interact, damage and improve. They should be enablers. They can’t own the social media brand but they can lead it.

Social media is here to stay

This will be said time and again. The point being that this has reminded me that social media practitioners across all organisations surveyed are coalescing around this point and are realising its implications.

If social media is here to stay then for organisations to take advantage of its benefits it needs resource, capacity and capability given to it. How is the NHS going to build these things around social media (whatever platforms exist now and in the future) when comms teams are being decreased in size and social media expertise is spread thinly across it’s 1 million plus staff?

Finally here’s the link to ‘that’ Taunton meeting in the report’s preface: https://attdigital.wordpress.com/2012/05/16/thoughts-from-a-social-media-chat/ 

Enjoy the chat!


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