Internet-free Thursday #ift

Yesterday was my first internet free Thursday (#ift).

Why am I having internet free Thursdays? It’s all explained in my ‘Dealing with digital distractions‘ post.

How’d it go? Well sadly I had a good distraction from digital – a colleague’s leaving do. Being at the pub with great colleagues reminiscing helped stop the cravings but I was amazed how subconscious my movements to my phone and it’s unlock button were.

To help get over that I turned off my mobile internet, plunging myself into circa 2005. This taught me to stop looking at my phone!

After that I enjoyed a spell of just concentrating on chatting and enjoying the company of the people in my immediate vicinity. It was lovely.

There was one slip-up though. Once home I ordered a smart new shirt from

What?! There’s a good sale on!

I’d recommend #ift to all of you. It’s a helpful reminder of the need to turn off and look up from the screens.


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