Alex elsewhere on the web

While this blog and the accompanying pages and posts are the main depository of my thoughts and ideas there are a few other corners of the world wide web in which you’ll find me contributing to the bytes flying around the internet.

Here’s a list in case you’d like to join me elsewhere:


Why I’m there

Twitter Because Twitter is an incredibly powerful tool for learning. I enjoy how it helps keep you up-to-date on topics of your choosing and amazing ability it has to bring you new challenges and opportunities by just using it and connecting with people from across the world.
#nhssm Now in adolescence #nhssm is a twitter chat which covers social media use in healthcare and has an accompanying blog. I started the chat and have since been more than capably aided and taught by Colin Wren and Tim Lloyd (now retired from #nhssm) and Gemma Finnegan – I recommend you follow all three on Twitter.
NHS Commslink A free and secure way of connecting with fellow NHS comms pros across the UK. I’m finding the new and improved Comms Link a much better place to share and discuss ideas as the NHS undergoes massive reforms.
Linkedin While I’m pretty inactive on Linkedin I still find it a good place to drop into now and again to see what others are up to, especially in the professional groups. And as some, often more senior, colleagues find Linkedin enough social media to be going on with it’s a great chance to connect with them and see social media from their perspective.

Additionally I’ve written a guest post on Shonali Burke’s blog, Waxing Unlyrical which includes a webcam interview on the social media challenges facing the NHS.


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