An internet free Thursday #ift update

Yesterday went well. The turn off mobile internet trick worked a charm and I’m pleased to say I went the whole evening internet free.

Nothing bad happened. I got back to a couple of emails and mentions today. Everyone left happy.

I even dusted off my German language skills an spoke an hour of German with my girlfriend. It’s amazing what you can achieve without the ‘net.

#Digitalday – an excellent Race Online 2012 esq idea from Tim. How could you open up your comms team’s digital skills to your colleagues? Lunchtime masterclass? Informal network of bloggers comfortable to share content? Staff Twitter lists?

Clear message

Lately, there’s been lots of discussion in the office about new guidance for civil servants using social media.

You can read it here. No big surprises; all very practical, positive stuff.

The question raised among our team was what this guidance meant for people who blogged, filmed or pinned, in a personal capacity. The interpretation was that all online activity by civil servants should be attributable, regardless of whether it was professional or personal. This seems fair to me, but I can also understand how it might be of concern for some.

What this discussion revealed is that lots of my colleagues do interesting things online. However, because the content is nothing to do with Government digital, they don’t feel it appropriate to share their experiences.

Now, I am on a mission to help my colleagues celebrate the work they do online, away from work, and reassure them…

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Getting to know Storify…

Storify is a recent addition to my channel toolbox. I think it is an ideal place to create a hub of multimedia content around an event, topic or story.

It’s interface is simple to use and it allows embedding of content from across the most popular online platforms. It’s URL embedding feature is really useful as it allows you to embed presentations from Slideshare of Scribd. Furthermore it is easy to embed onto your blog, or so it should be…

I’ve popped an example of an embedded Storify on the #nhssm blog but for some reason this blog won’t except the ‘<script src=””></script><noscript>&#8217; code which renders the Storify with a pretty boarder. Perhaps this is because it is a hosted blog? I’m sure @colinwren will know!

Here’s the link to my Storify about some Twitter chat with @NHSConfed – view the story “@NHSConfed nails it” on Storify.